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Portable, open-source, ESP32-powered audio-development platform with a touchscreen and support for Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity

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Loud ESP is a rich audio development platform based on the powerful ESP32 chip. It has a wealth of peripherals that open up a wide variety of user interaction. It is portable and has battery management on board. It is compact and can fit almost any enclosure. It is even wearable! Software samples allow for a quick start and easy adaptation of existing projects. Loud ESP will be available in a full-featured touch screen version, and a portable mini version.

Wireless Audio Touchscreen Versatility

Loud ESP is versatile and useful in a number of situations. It can be used as portable speakers with Wi-fi / Bluetooth capability, as internet (Wi-Fi) radio, as a smart speaker via the platform of your choice such as Spotify. It can even be used for talking gadgets and wirelessly connected audio based wearables.

Features & Specifications


Loud ESPLoud ESP MiniAdafruit ESP32-S2 TFT FeatherLILYGOĀ® TTGO T-Display ESP32ESP32-Audio-Kit ESP32-A1SESPlay MicroObsidian ESP32Espressif ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1 KitEspressif ESP32-LyraT-MiniM5Stack Core2 ESP32
MCU Core ESP32 @ 240 Mhz ESP32 @ 240 Mhz ESP32-S2 @ 240MHz ESP32 @ 240 Mhz ESP32 @ 240 Mhz ESP32 @ 240 Mhz ESP32 @ 240 Mhz ESP32-S2 @ 240MHz ESP32 @ 240 Mhz ESP32 @ 240 Mhz
USB-Serial Bridge CP2102 CP2102 Native USB CP2102/CH9102 CP2102 CH340G CP2102 Native USB CP2102 CP2104
Memory & Storage
Flash (MB)16 16 4 4 or 16 4 or 16 4 16 4 4 16
PSRAM (MB)8 8 2 No 4 4 8 2 8 8
SD-CARDYes No No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Battery Management
Li-Ion/Li-Po BMSYes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Battery-Voltage MonitoringYes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No Yes
Audio Capabilities
DACStereo Stereo No No Stereo Stereo Pi HAT Mono Mono Mono
Amplifier2 x 3 W 2 x 3 W No No 2 x 3 W No Pi HAT 3 W 3 W 3 W
Screen Size (in)2.8 No 1.14 1.14 No 2.4 No 3.2 No 2
Screen Resolution (px)320 x 240 No 240 x 135 240 x 135 No 320 x 240 No 320 x 240 No 320 x 240
Touch ScreenYes No No No No No No Yes No Yes
IR ReceiverYes No No No No No No No No Yes
RGB LEDYes Yes No No No No No Yes No Yes
JTAG HeaderYes No No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Rotary Encoder / Joystick HeaderYes No No No No No Yes Yes No No
ButtonsReset, Flash Reset, Flash Reset, Flash Reset, Flash 6 user keys 9 user keys Reset, Flash Reset, Flash, 6 user keys Reset, Flash, 6 user keys 3 user keys
Dimensions (mm)85 x 55 82 x 26 52 x 23 52 x 25 83 x 68 100 x 50 64 x 55 165 x 123 100 x 100 54 x 54

Open Source

You can find documentation such as board schematics, firmware, and software samples in our GitHub repository. You can also follow progress on our page.

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Hackster News

"Coming soon, with the help of the ESP32 Audio Development board from Sonocotta, you can build your own wireless speaker system."


"This board is very special..."

"Andriy has designed an ESP32 Audio Development Board based on the famous LX6 microprocessor, which has been widely used for a variety of edge devices because of its increasing community support."

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