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Mar 17, 2014

Project update 1 of 14

Week 1 Update

What a big first week! (well, really 4 days, but who’s counting). We’re over a third of the way there, and it is all thanks to YOU! We still have a long way to go, so keep up the good work. If you have friends who haven’t heard about this project yet, let ‘em know! Don’t try and keep this exciting news to yourself; that’s just selfish. Share it with the world. We’ll even help you so you don’t need to scroll all the way to the top of your browser:

We’ve got some exciting news heading into this week. First, we have a NEW COLOR! Arriving from somewhere in time and relative space, please welcome “TARDIS” Blue to the SnapShades lineup. Also, you gave one of our colors a name. Anyone who ordered a light green side is now the proud owner of a “Laser Cat” green side.

Second, we got our first blog post over the weekend. Check us out in VouchMag. We’re basically famous.

Also check us out and upvote us on reddit.

Finally, we wanted to take this opportunity to answer a few questions we have been receiving:

Q: How do I choose my colors? A: Please please leave your choices in the comments when you checkout. If not, we will try and reach out to you personally. If that fails, we will choose what we think is the best set for what you ordered.

Q: what if I want to change my color to on of the new colors? A: no problem, just shoot us an email, we’ll make it happen

Q: do the sides come in pairs. A: not quite. The “4 sides” in the New Classic means 4 individual sides, that can be 4 individual colors. Since they can go on either side of the rims, you have complete freedom with your side choices.

Q: the “clear” rim looks a little dark, what does it actually look like? A: it looks dark because the background is shaded and the rim is, well, clear. The clear rim will be just that, crystal clear.

We appreciate all of your support; you’re doing an amazing job getting the word out about SnapShades. Let’s make week 2 just as big as week 1.


Ari & Evan
Team SnapShades

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