Customizable, magnetic sunglasses

Mar 26, 2014

Project update 2 of 14

Update # 2

SnapShades Nation,

Exciting news! We have another new color! Gold! Everything is better in gold: iPhones, tater-tots, teeth, and of course shades. So snag some of the new SF Gold SnapShades.

We’re also pleased to announce that another one of our colors has a name. All of you suave secret agent types who ordered Black sides are now proud owners of Slightly Darker Black. These sides will go perfectly with all the espionage and night shoveling you can handle. Welcome to the danger zone.

We’ve broken 40% in under 2 weeks, so keep up the support! You know who’d love SnapShades? That really good friend of yours you’ve been meaning to call for a while but haven’t. Or the cute barista at your coffee shop. And definitely that guy who just took the last donut in the break room. Now’s your chance to make their day!

Stay tuned for more updates, and watch out for SnapShades posts during the Sweet 16 this weekend.


Ari & Evan
Team SnapShades

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