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Watch out, Watchy is here!

We’re thrilled to announce we’re officially launching our Watchy campaign today! After immediately selling out our initial, limited production batch, we received a lot of feedback requesting an enclosure, so for this campaign we’re including a custom injection-molded plastic case with every Watchy! We’re also adding the option for a CNC-milled and anodized aluminum case, for those of you who like extra ruggedness.

In the spirit of open source hardware and customizability, we will be providing three case designs and solicit third-party submissions for a vote during the campaign. We will then select one design to be mass produced and offered to everyone!

We hope you’re as excited as we are! Learn more about Watchy and follow our weekly campaign updates for more details. We look forward to growing the Watchy community with you.

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Product Choices


Watchy Kit + Case

Includes E-Ink display, Watchy assembled printed circuit board, battery, double-sided tape, wrist strap, and injection-molded plastic enclosure, all safely nestled in an attractive and instructional box. Assembly required.


Anodized Aluminum Case

A CNC aluminum case for Watchy, including an anodized top piece, an anodized bottom piece, four anodized buttons, and four stainless steel M3 screws. In total, it will add 25 grams of pure ruggedness to your Watchy Kit (not included).



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