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Watchy is an E-Ink watch with open source hardware and software. It has a barebones design utilizing the PCB as the watch body, allowing it to be worn as-is, or further customized with different 3D printed cases and watch straps. It is a unique timepiece that is also a wearable development platform, allowing users to create their own experience.

Watchy with the Calculateur watch face by Jochen (@asWeMay). Image used with permission.

Watchy’s E-Ink display delivers an always-on, beautiful, crisp image clearly visible under bright sunlight, and requires no power between updates. At 200 x 200 pixels and monochrome, the display offers a distinctive aesthetic.

Watchy has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE connectivity, allowing it to connect with internet APIs (e.g., weather, news, traffic, maps, Spotify, etc.), as well as Bluetooth LE enabled devices.

With makers/hackers/tinkerers in mind, we chose the ESP32 for its large community and support for a wide variety of development options, such as Arduino, Micropython, ESP-IDF, and Zephyr-RTOS.

Features & Specifications

Watchy schematic diagram
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The funding from this Crowd Supply campaign helped address one of the most frequently requested features of Watchy — an enclosure! Though we think the plain PCB look is one of the most distinctive features of Watchy, and will continue to offer new 3D printed watch case designs, we think a lot of fans will appreciate the new injection-molded plastic and CNC anodized aluminum cases.

Injection-molded Case

Every Watchy Kit + Case is bundled with an injection-molded watch case!

Watchy 3D printed case
Watchy 3D printed case - this campaign introduces a new injection-molded case in a color to be determined

CNC Anodized Aluminum Case

For those who don’t mind the extra weight and want a more rugged enclosure, a CNC anodized aluminum watch case is available separately.

What’s in the box?

The Watchy Kit + Case includes the kit pictured below, plus the injection-molded plastic enclosure (not shown).

The Anodized Aluminum Case includes only the new aluminum enclosure — you will need a Watchy to put into it. Purchasing both the Watchy Kit + Case and the Anodized Aluminum Case offers the most flexibility.

Custom Watch Faces

Check out our watch face gallery. We regularly create new watch faces and showcase community creations. Every watch face is fully open source and part of our Arduino Library.

Open Source

Everything about Watchy is open source under the MIT License and OSHWA-certified:


Watchy PineTimeBangleJSPebble OG
ManufacturerSQFMI Pine64 Espruino Pebble
Display1.54" 200x200 E-Ink 1.3" 240×240 LCD 1.3" 240x240 LCD 1.26" 144x168 memory LCD
ProcessorESP32-PICO-D4 nRF52832 nRF52832 STM32F205RE
ConnectivityWi-Fi and Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth
Programming InterfaceBuilt-in USB-serial External pogo pins/SWD Bluetooth Bluetooth
Tactile Buttons4 1 3 4
Touch PanelNone Yes YesNone
SensorsAccelerometer Accelerometer + Heart Rate Accelerometer + Magnetometer + Heart Rate + GPS Accelerometer + Magnetometer
RAM520 KB 64 KB 64 KB 128 KB
FLASH4 MB 512 KB + 4 MB 512 KB + 4 MB 512 KB + 8 MB
Battery200 mAh 180 mAh 350 mAh 130 mAh
Weight18 g 38 g Unknown 38 g
Thickness9 mm 11 mm 17 mm 11.5 mm
Width34 mm 37.5 mm 50 mm 36 mm
Length46 mm 40 mm 50 mm 52 mm
WaterproofNo IP67 IP68 40 m
Open SourceHW+SW+3D HW+SW SW No
OSHWA CertifiedYes No No No
Design Files AvailableAll Schematic No No
3D-printable Watch CasesYes No No No
Price$59 $24.99 $95 $99

Support & Documentation

Watchy comes with comprehensive documentation and Arduino code examples that demonstrate every hardware feature. New watch faces and examples are regularly added.

In the Press

The Verge

"If you’ve ever wanted to be like Steve Wozniak and have your own custom-made, geeky watch, Squarofumi (stylized SQFMI) may have the product for you: an open-source, Arduino-powered smartwatch with a 1.54-inch e-paper screen."

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Produced by SQFMI in New York, NY.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Watchy Kit + Case

Includes E-Ink display, Watchy assembled printed circuit board, battery, double-sided tape, wrist strap, and injection-molded plastic enclosure, all safely nestled in an attractive and instructional box. Assembly required.

$59 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Anodized Aluminum Case

A CNC aluminum case for Watchy, including an anodized top piece, an anodized bottom piece, four anodized buttons, and four stainless steel M3 screws. In total, it will add 25 grams of pure ruggedness to your Watchy Kit (not included).

$49 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team


New York, NY  ·   sqfmi  ·   sqfmi  ·   sqfmi.com

An abbreviation of Squarofumi [ skwair-oh-foo-mee ]. A group of art and technology enthusiasts, bringing transformative ideas to life.

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