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May 03, 2016

Thank you & A New Goal for Circuit Classics

May 3rd is here! A few weeks ago this campaign was still feeling pretty theoretical to me and I am still so amazed and grateful to each person who’s backed her that the Circuit Classics campaign is off to such a phenomenal start. I was not prepared to see the crowdfunding goal so quickly and easily cleared (on day 1) — THANK YOU to everyone who has backed this!

Since then, pledges have nearly doubled — currently 246 people have funded the campaign to 197%!  Nearly $20,000 pledged. I know how meaningful Forrest Mims’ work is to so many of us — I’ve been delighted to hear stories from countless people whose lives were transformed by encountering his work. In combination here, I am honored to be entrusted with bringing this project forth to you. 

There are 27 days left in the campaign, and I’d like to see us go further. I will not set a dollar goal here, because my aim is to reach as many people as possible and I feel that while crowdfunding campaigns often focus on dollars, that this is a different and special project. I will measure impact in terms of how many people can be have the experience of understanding electronics through Forrest Mims’ work, revived and revitalized in a post-Radio Shack world. It would mean a lot to me to get to 500 backers before the campaign closes. Can we do this?

$48,324 raised

of $9,750 goal

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May 30 2016

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A Copy Of Getting Started In Electronics


Stepped-Tone Generator


Dual LED Flasher


Bargraph Voltage Indicator


The Full Set (of 3)


Getting Started In Electronics & Full Set Of Boards

*Please note: books and boards will ship separately and may arrive at different times.


Mini Classroom Kit

Five (5) Bargraph Voltage Indicator boards and all the parts you need to assemble them. Stands not included.


Classroom Kit

Twenty (20) Bargraph Voltage Indicator boards and all the parts you need to assemble them, plus one copy of Getting Started in Electronics. Stands not included.

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