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Circuit Classics

Exquisite printed circuit boards that bring to life Forrest Mims' vintage designs from "Getting Started in Electronics."

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May 30 2016
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Thanks to Eddie Codel and Noel Von Joo for the creation of the campaign video.

"Star Simpson joins forces with Forrest Mims III to introduce a new generation of budding engineers to electronics. Assembling this lucid interpretation of classic schematics rewards makers with a work of art that’s also functional. Educational yet approachable, this is a must for anyone looking to get started in electronics.”

— Bunnie Huang

Forrest M. Mims III is a trusted name in the electronics world for good reason: his charming and engaging texts have drawn millions of people into the world of electronics for the first time. I am bringing some of those hand-drawn circuits projects to life by creating an exquisitely designed series of finely crafted and highly detailed boards. These are the Circuit Classics. They make a great gift for a first-time learner, an expert tinkerer, or even just as a fun conversation piece for your desk.

This initial release includes three of Forrest’s circuit designs in kit form: the Dual-LED Flasher, the Stepped Tone Generator, and the Bargraph Voltage Indicator. Each kit includes:

Dual-LED Flasher

This circuit is a rewarding first project — with just nine components you can get the satisfying effect of making LEDs light up and blink. The circuit’s functionality is charmingly complex despite its simplicity. Understanding how it works will provide a taste of the analog side of electronics, and is a fun puzzle!

Check out this clip below from Star Simpson’s recent appearance on Adafruit’s "Ask an Engineer" for more information on how the Dual-LED Flasher works.

Dual-LED Flasher top side

Dual-LED Flasher bottom side

Stepped Tone Generator

This circuit gained a life of its own, jumping from the pages of the 555 Timer IC Circuits Engineer’s Mini-Notebook and out into the world as the storied Atari Punk Console. Well-known for enabling the creation of sounds just like classic Atari console games from the 1980s, it provides a fun audio-centric project, as well as an interesting introduction to digital circuitry, feedback, and oscillators.

Check out this clip below from Star Simpson’s recent appearance on Adafruit’s "Ask an Engineer" for more information on how the Stepped Tone Generator works.

Stepped Tone Generator top side

Stepped Tone Generator bottom side

Bargraph Voltage Indicator

This circuit lets you become a scientist and an engineer and marks the passage of that important milestone of using tools you have constructed yourself. With your own voltmeter you can measure batteries or use it to explore and understand other electronic circuits that you find in the world.

Check out this clip below from Star Simpson’s recent appearance on Adafruit’s "Ask an Engineer" for more information on how the Bargraph Voltage Indicator works.

Bargraph Voltage Indicator top side

Bargraph Voltage Indicator bottom side

Features & Specifications

Manufacturing Plan

The money from this crowdfunding campaign will pay for a production run of the circuit boards, components, display stands, books, and packaging. My goal is to have everything shipped in the fall of 2016.

Risks and Challenges

I have involved manufacturers at every step of the way, and via that and my past experience designing electronics I feel like I have a decent handle on the costs and processes involved in producing the circuit boards and wooden stands and sourcing the components. The only notable risks are the same as for any other manufactured product - unforeseen supply chain problems due to natural disaster and the like.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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Produced by Star Simpson in San Francisco, CA.

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Bargraph Voltage Indicator

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Dual LED Flasher

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A Copy Of Getting Started In Electronics

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Stepped-Tone Generator

$39 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Getting Started In Electronics Signed By Forrest Mims & Full Set Of Boards

*Please note: books and boards will ship separately and may arrive at different times.

$229 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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