Circuit Classics

Exquisite printed circuit boards that bring to life Forrest Mims' vintage designs from "Getting Started in Electronics."

May 16, 2016

Project update 4 of 20

Over 300 Pledges!

Thank you all for backing Circuit Classics so far!

The early days of any project are so exciting, everything is young and new and everyone who has backed this so far can count themselves as an early adopter whose support is helping to bring Circuit Classics to the world.

None of this would have been possible (literally) without support from my friends, from Crowd Supply, from the suppliers I have been working with, from Forrest, and from you. My thanks go to each of you for your support.

This also marks the exact point at which there are 2 weeks left in the campaign. If anyone else should join our group — if you are receiving this email, you will be the first to get Circuit Classics, anywhere — now is the time to let them know and get them onboard too.

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