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Jul 26, 2016

Circuit Boards in Blue

Hi Backers!

Wow, so many things have happened since we last were in touch. I’ll run through them here quickly:

I ordered and received 5 kits’ worth of parts to assemble first articles from Bay Area Circuits.

I ordered 250 copies of Getting Started in Electronics, which have arrived at the Crowd Supply warehouse. (This is the most of any book I’ve ever ordered! It’s so great to have those shipped.) Backers will receive a shipping confirmation email when their order has been shipped.

I ordered 1500 alligator clips from Shenzhen which are being made right now.

I have rough prototypes for packaging design.

And finally, most importantly, I have received back first article boards from Bay Area —

It’s wonderful to see the circuit boards in blue after all this time spent imagining / looking at photoshop mockups. However this is a very light, bright blue color and we are going to redo this to try to get closer to the final color. That said, these boards of are a very high quality that I am pleased with in general — the design has never looked better than it does here.

This is a big milestone. Hooray!

Bay Area Circuits additionally created and sent this set of photos of the First Articles getting made, if you’d like to check them out: (take a look!)

Errata — I’m working on getting instructions and documentation put together, and that part is going a bit slowly right now. (This and packaging materials in general are my primary focus in the upcoming phase.)

I have also been working with a Portland cabinetry manufacturer to get the wooden stands made, however unfortunately they have been dragging their feet for weeks to send me a sample. I’m a little worried about their delivery ability at present — which I’m hoping won’t be a problem ultimately. But it’s close enough to the delivery deadline for Circuit Classics that it’s worth mentioning here. If need be, I will attempt to fall back to one of the other shops I spoke to before starting this campaign.

That’s it for now.. stay tuned!

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