Circuit Classics

Exquisite printed circuit boards that bring to life Forrest Mims' vintage designs from "Getting Started in Electronics."

Aug 24, 2016

Project update 15 of 20


Hello Circuit Classics backers!

Unveiling: the documentation! Also in this update: I’ve received First Articles back from Bay Area Circuits and they look great!

The big news this week is releasing the final versions of the cartoons to accompany the Circuit Classics kits.

The idea behind these is to provide a fast explainer for those folks out there who receive the circuit but may not have or may not have access to Forrest Mims’ books or other resources with the full electronics context that the circuits exist within.

These will be printed as postcards and included in every kit box. Getting these to the "done" final state is a big deal to me, as the process of choosing reasonably appropriate analogies started last May, and electronics are sufficiently unintuitive to explain such that I was uncertain whether or not these would come together in time to ship out with Circuit Classics! Fortunately I am happy with the results.

Paulyn Albino illustrated, and Alex Hornstein came up with the analogies and wrote the words. I couldn’t be more delighted to have received these finals last Friday. Without further ado, here they are:

Forrest says:

These are superb. They provide totally intuitive explanations for how the circuits do what they do. Congratulations to Star for conceiving these panels and to Alex and Paulyn for bringing them to life!

Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think!

Otherwise, I am received the final round of first articles from Bay Area Circuits. Here they are:

Next steps are to trigger the volume board order, the volume components order and the ash block order. It’s the big time!

Separately I’ve spoken to a printer about making sticker/labels for the boxes, I expect to have those completed roughly by the end of this week. I have also made a phone call to someone with a die press to discuss making little wallets to hold the components, and I need to wrap up that process soon. If it fails, I will ship components in a small bag in the interim.

That’s the news for now!

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