Circuit Classics

Exquisite printed circuit boards that bring to life Forrest Mims' vintage designs from "Getting Started in Electronics."

Sep 29, 2016

Project update 18 of 20

The Final Lap

This week is the final lap. Crowd Supply have begun kitting, and are going to start sending out orders. If your address is no longer correct you may update the information through your Crowd Supply account.

Books are ready to go and are being packaged. A few pieces of the kits are still en route to the warehouse, so kits will be sent out in the weeks after as all of those arrive.

When your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number.

I look forward to you receiving Circuit Classics very soon, and I can’t wait to see your tweets and posts with photos or videos of unboxing and assembly. Feel free to use #CircuitClassics to tag, or mention @starsandrobots if you are on Twitter.

I will also be at New York Maker Faire this weekend! Entry number 5793 — please say hi!

On to the progress updates — mainly what I have been doing in the past week, is seeing that all of the components are en route and will arrive at the right time, and there don’t seem to be many latent concerns in that regard. Crowd Supply are doing the majority of the work at this point, and there is plenty of it to do. Every time I think about how grateful I am, well, I want to thank those lucky stars (those being each and every member of the CS team).

The Crowd Supply folks have been sending me photos of kitting in progress and occasional snapshots of inventory. For example, here is an image which gave me a thrill. The signed title page of Getting Started in Electronics:

So nice to see these. Other than this, I learned this week that the ash blocks are >50% complete and will be delivered to Crowd Supply by Friday, and that the boards are on track to be done from the board mfg to be shipped out, that same day.

In the "crowdfunding mishaps happen" department, this week I (very happily) diverted one volume shipment from being sent to my house, instead of to the Crowd Supply warehouse in Oregon (whew!) I also accidentally under-ordered white alligator clips, which are used in the Bargraph Voltage Indicator. Fortunately I ordered a new round, which are currently en route and which ought to arrive soon. Here’s a photo of them from across the Pacific:

That’s it for now! More news (and photos) soon!

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