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Exquisite printed circuit boards that bring to life Forrest Mims' vintage designs from "Getting Started in Electronics."

Nov 21, 2016

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Shipping Status

Hello Backers,

Thank you all for your patience during these last couple weeks. I know a lot of you have not received your orders yet, and this update will explain why. We ran into an issue with one of the components, which has now been fixed. Remaining orders will be shipping out soon - and you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information when your package ships.

Many of you who have already put together your Stepped Tone Generator might have noticed a small error with the capacitors - the circuit board diagram calls for one 10 uF capacitor, one 0.1 uF capacitor, and one 0.01 uF capacitor. However, the kits we assembled only include two 0.1 uF capacitors and one 10 uF cap.

If you didn’t notice this error, it’s because the Stepped Tone Generator actually works just fine with the ‘wrong’ set of capacitors. I tested a board - the ‘correct’ setup sounds functionally the same as the ‘wrong’ cap set, but works slightly better. (You get a little more usable range from the dials.)

This error was caught by an attentive backer mid-way through shipping, and he alerted me to the mistake. We immediately halted all shipping and I have spent the last few weeks since then working on how to fix this. I was finally able to sample some replacement caps this week, and found a perfect one that matches the board footprint and is Circuit Classics blue that will be shipping to Crowd Supply’s warehouse this week.

Once Crowd Supply has the replacement capacitors, they can start re-kitting and begin shipping again. If you haven’t assembled your Stepped Tone Generator yet, and would like us to send you a replacement 0.01 uF capacitor, please contact us through with your order ID number.

Again - you’ll receive an order confirmation email when your order is shipped out. The ‘Getting Started in Electronics’ books were shipped separately, so most of you should have already received yours.

Thanks again for being awesome and patient!

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