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8-32 channel TI ADS1299 Arduino shield for EEG, EMG, and EKG bio-signals acquisition

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HackEEG 32 Channels Displaying in OpenBCI

HackEEG 32 Channels Displaying in OpenBCI

This post shows a HackEEG 32 channel system sending data to OpenBCI. With only a few days left in the campaign, I wanted to get this out. If you click on the screenshot excerpt above, you’ll see OpenBCI displaying 32 HackEEG channels. I only hooked up a couple of channels to my signal generator, but all 32 channels are sending data and OpenBCI is displaying it. This means that with HackEEG, you have a complete end-to-end solution for capturing and displaying 32 channels of EEG data.

Here’s a short movie of the data being captured and displayed:

movie of HackEEG 32 channel system sending data to OpenBCI

This software is committed and in this fork on Github: OpenBCI_GUI with options for 8, 16, 24, and 32 Lab Streaming Layer channels.

When the campaign ends, I’ll work to get this code cleaned up, and submitted to the OpenBCI project for their review.

Here’s the complete screenshot:

screenshoot of HackEEG 32 channel system sending data to OpenBCI

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HackEEG 8-channel Deluxe Kit

This level includes one HackEEG, ribbon cable, electrode connector, Arduino Due, 10 silver chloride EEG electrodes, Ten20 conductive paste (2oz), NuPrep prep gel (4 oz).


HackEEG 8-Channel Basic Kit

Includes one HackEEG, ribbon cable, and electrode connector.


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