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8-32 channel TI ADS1299 Arduino shield for EEG, EMG, and EKG bio-signals acquisition

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HackEEG is Live

HackEEG is an affordable, high-performance, fully open source TI ADS1299 Arduino shield ideally suited for digitizing biosignals like EEG, EMG, and EKG. If you want to read your brainwaves, do brain-computer interfacing, or build high-performance lab instruments for neuroscience or biology, HackEEG is for you!

HackEEG is ready for production and we need your help. Please back HackEEG now! or help spread the word by sharing with someone whom you think would be interested in HackEEG. We appreciate you support!

Current HackEEG users

We’ve been in limited short-run production for a small set of users– HackEEG is being used successfully for neuroscience in major research institutions and pharmaceutical companies in the US and Europe– Stanford, Harvard Medical School, National Institutes of Health, California Institute of Technology, UCSF, Bayer AG, and others. Check out the campaign page for the full list!

We were able to get into so many labs because we integrated HackEEG into another company’s pharmaceutical drug testing system. The system reads neurological signals from transgenic c. elegans nematodes – it uses a HackEEG connected to a microfluidic device that positions the worm between electrodes. Custom software, based on ours, measures the worm’s feeding reflexes–electropharyngeograms or EPGs, similar to EEG or EMG on a human. These labs use data from the HackEEG to evaluate drug effectiveness and safety before moving to human trials.

We’ve been very fortunate to have so many leading research groups validate our hardware and software and now we want to make widely available to the public to see how they experiment with these tools.

Designed for humans

HackEEG is designed for humans– we’ve been working on our software, and have a high-performance driver and Python client that can read data from HackEEG at the full rate of the chip, 16,000 samples per second. We can also stream it using Lab Streaming Layer and visualize it using OpenBCI – the campaign page has more info on this.

We’re excited to bring this high-quality, affordable, neuroscience hacking platform to you now!

Stay tuned for more updates and information about the project. See you in the campaign!

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Product Choices


HackEEG 8-Channel Basic Kit

Includes one HackEEG, a ribbon cable, and an electrode connector.


HackEEG 8-channel Starter Kit

Includes one HackEEG board, a ribbon cable, and a connector board with ten DIN 42-802 touch-proof electrode connectors (eight inputs, one reference, one ground).


HackEEG 8-channel Deluxe Kit

Includes one HackEEG, a ribbon cable, an electrode connector, Arduino Due, ten silver chloride EEG electrodes, two ounces of Ten20 conductive paste, and four ounces of NuPrep prep gel.


HackEEG 32-channel Deluxe Kit

Includes 4 x HackEEG, 4 x ribbon cable, 4 x electrode connector, 1 x Arduino Due, 40 x silver chloride EEG electrode, 4 x two ounces Ten20 conductive paste, 4 x four ounces NuPrep prep gel.



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