Jupiter Nano

Tiny, high-performance computer that runs Linux or the NuttX real-time operating system

Aug 06, 2021

Project update 3 of 12

Open Source Info

by Adam

The Jupiter Nano campaign is fully funded (134% as of right now), and I promised to release the hardware design files and software as open source if that happened, so…here are those links!

The hardware design files are in KiCAD, so they are freely editable with fully open source tools. They are released under the CERN-OHL-S license. This is a strongly reciprocal license. See the CERN licenses page for more info.

The software tools are released under the MIT License, and include scripts and patches to build U-Boot, the Linux Kernel, and a Debian Stretch root filesystem. I’m going to upstream the U-Boot changes soon, and post better instructions, but I wanted to get the tools out there so people can use them now.

I’ll also publish the NuttX branch (on my fork) that includes files and drivers for Jupiter Nano, and send out an announcement about that when it happens. I’ll be upstreaming that soon too.

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