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Oct 12, 2023

Project update 10 of 10

Finalizing Delivery

by Roni G

Dear backers,

As we promised, we are finalizing delivery. There are few last pieces of news we would like to share before preparing for shipment.

Suspected fake ICs detected and replaced

the failed ADS1115 test

During our tests, a few of the extensions boards failed. We checked our design thoroughly in order to ensure it’s not a design issue. After many tests that led to no updates, we suspected the issue could be in the ADS1115 integrated circuit. We decided to purchase a sample from a different supplier and exchange the IC in the samples that hadn’t passed the tests. Surprisingly, this fixed the problem and so we concluded we might have been a victim of faulty or counterfeit integrated circuit deal.

In order to ensure consistency across all of our products, we’ve decided to purchase a new batch of ADS1115 chipsets and replace them in all of our extension boards. Those ICs are expensive, but we committed to ensure each of our backers gets the product they backed with the quality we assured.

The purchased order of the ADS1115

Products ready for delivery

Below are a few pictures of our packaged products ready to be delivered:

Next update

The next update will be when the products are shipped, which we expect to happen in the next 7 to 10 days. We need to finalize few things before that, related to the export papers and certifications, then the products are ready to sail.

Delay in giving replies

Due to the current unfortunate war in Israel, there might be a delay in replies to the questions asked through email or the Crowd Supply form. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience that might cause.

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