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Eduponics Mini v2.0

Take control of your plants with this next-generation, ESP32-based, smart-agriculture IoT kit

Eduponics Mini v2 board

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Eduponics Mini v2 is a smart-agriculture IoT board built around the popular ESP32 microcontroller. It features a number of sensors, including those for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, ambient light, water level, and soil moisture. Thanks to its energy efficiency and built-in support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Eduponics Mini v2 is equipped for real-world IoT applications.

We provide industrial-grade products at an affordable price, whether you’re looking for an automatic-watering solution, a ready-made irrigation system, a research tool, or educational hardware capable of collecting highly accurate sensor data. Version 2.0 of Eduponics Mini series brings with it dramatic improvements, including more memory, more sensors, a brand-new four-channel valve-extension board, and a 4-pin Grove-compatible interface that accommodates sensors from popular brands like Elecrow Crowtail. Eduponics Mini v2 also comes with a hackable mobile app that leverages the MQTT protocol to give you remote control over your plants from wherever you might happen to find yourself.

Eduponics v1.0 smart-garden build created by @traverseda

Eduponics v1.0 smart-garden build created by @traverseda

Useful In a Variety of Applications

Applications for Eduponics Mini v2 include:

Features & Specifications

Changes to v2 of the Eduponics Mini Board

We have made a number of significant improvements since we released the previous version of Eduponics Mini:

Eduponics Mini v2 Kit Contents

Eduponics Mini v2 kit

Eduponics Mini v2 kit

The Eduponics Mini v2 Kit includes the Eduponics Mini v2 board and multiple accessories, including:

Changes to v2 of the Eduponics Mini Kit

We have replaced the previous, third-party contactless water-level sensor with our own custom-made sensor to bring down the price for backers who need additional sensors. (Having multiple water-level sensors is extremely useful for applications where you need to measure both top and bottom water levels, for example, or where you need to monitor various level indicators, such as 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% full.)

Eduponics Mini v2 water quantity sensor

Eduponics Mini v2 water quantity sensor

Creating our own contactless water-level sensor will also help us ensure that all kits ship on time as it allows us to avoid delays caused by third-party suppliers.

STEMinds Long & Short Soil-Moisture Sensors

Eduponics Mini v2 soil-moisture sensors

Eduponics Mini v2 soil-moisture sensors

Bringing Back Our Limited-Edition Waterproof Sensor

Eduponics Mini v2 waterproof soil-moisture sensor

Eduponics Mini v2 waterproof soil-moisture sensor

We heard you, and we feel you, so we’ve decided to bring back our waterproof soil-moisture sensor. The previous version of this sensor was created in cooperation with a third-party supplier who owned the molding and design rights…which led to all kinds of trouble. Lesson learned. We won’t be dealing with that supplier again.

Having seen the product’s popularity, however, we’ve decided to create one of our own! Our new Waterproof Soil-Moisture Sensor is based on the STEMinds Long Soil-Moisture Sensor, but with plastic molding and a tight silicone enclosure. We’re working to obtain IP67 certification, and we’ll let you know when that comes through!

New, Four-Channel Valve-Extension Board

Eduponics Mini v2 valve-extension board

Eduponics Mini v2 valve-extension board

We’ve also created a brand new Eduponics product: the Four-Channel Valve-Extension Board, which provides additional IO support while also giving you control over an external valve so you can redirect water to whichever plants need it the most.

Improved Eduponics Mini Extension Board

Eduponics Mini v2 extension board

Eduponics Mini v2 extension board

We’ve worked hard to develop a custom extension board that includes the extremely accurate ADS1115 ADC and the MCP23017 IO-extension IC, but our previous extension board had 3-pin XH-2.54 interfaces, which weren’t compatible with popular analog available sensors.

In addition to adding HY-2.0, Grove-compatible interfaces for more integration and support, we’ve also fixed a wiring issue in the previous version of this extension board.


Eduponics MiniSmart agriculture kitEcoDuinoSmart Plant CareGardening Add-On Kit
Manufacturer STEMinds ELECFREAKS DFRobot Seeed Studio STEMpedia
MCU ESP32 MicroBit ATmega None None
Soil-moisture sensorYes (custom design) Yes (corrosive) Yes Yes Yes (corrosive)
Extension IO pinsYes Yes No Yes No
Wi-FiYes Yes No No No
Bluetooth/BLEYes Yes No No Yes
Environmental sensorsBME280, QMP6988, SHT30 DHT11 DHT11 DHT11 None
Low-power operationSupports deep sleep No No No No
Protective enclosureSTL files provided No Yes No No
RTC moduleYes No No No No
Ambient-light sensorYes No No Yes Yes
Water-level sensorYes Yes (corrosive) No No No
Mobile IoT appYes (Eduponics app) No No No No
IndicatorsRGB LED OLED Display OLED Display OLED Display Blue & Red LEDs
Support for battery & solar powerExternal module No No No No
Open sourceSchematic+SW+STL SW SW HW+SW SW
Programming languagesArduino, MicroPython Arduino, MicroPython Arduino C Arduino C Arduino C
USB interfaceType-C Micro-USB Micro-USB None None
Supported extensionsYes No No Yes No
Grove compatibleYes No No Yes No
DocumentationComplete (Arduino & Python) For the MicroBit IDE Minimal Varies Minimal

Soil-Moisture Sensors

While looking for soil-moisture sensors to use with our kit, we found ourselves struggling. The sensors we were finding just weren’t good enough! We purchased and tested multiple sensors and eventually decided to make our own. As you can see in the comparison below, our sensor has the highest voltage range and sensitivity between all the sensors we’ve tested, allowing you to create a stable and precise high resolution smart agriculture and IoT applications.

STEMinds (Short) STEMinds (Long) DFRobotGrove Seeed studioGeneric v1.2
Type of sensorCapacitive Capacitive CapacitiveCapacitiveCapacitive
Operating voltage5 V 5 V 3.3 - 5.5 V3.3 - 5 V3.3 - 5 V
Min voltage output0.987 V 0.561 V 2.468 V2.378 V1.022 V
Max voltage output3.3 V 3.3 V 3.112 V3.570 V2.300 V
Min output value154 106 260494214
Max output value668 683 517745480
Output resolution (max - min)514 577 257251266
Operation current7 mA 7 mA 5 mA8 mA6 mA
Waterproof version availableYes Yes NoNoNo
Grove compatibleYes Yes NoYesNo
Sensor price$4 $5 $5.90$5.90$1.6

Open Source

We’ve created over 15 detailed lessons to help you get started with Eduponics Mini. You can find these tutorials, which are available for both Arduino IDE and MicroPython, in our official documentation. The documentation is open-source and anyone can contribute to it by submitting a pull request. Hardware schematics and 3D models of the Eduponics series and the Eduponics Mini ESP32 enclosure will be available in the Eduponics Mini GitHub repository. Our code is entirely open source (under the MIT license) and available for anyone to use, distribute, or modify.

While Eduponics Mini supports both MicroPython and Arduino IDE, MicroPython is currently given a higher priority. Arduino Platformio is officially supported as well.

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