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The open-source stereoscopic camera based on Raspberry Pi with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an advanced powering system

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Mar 29, 2022

Project update 14 of 14

New StereoPi V2 Revision and the Project Future

by Eugene Pomazov

New StereoPi RED Edition

The chip shortage is still with us. So we had three options to continue StereoPi V2 production:

The third option has been chosen. And now we have a special "anti-crisis" version of the board. It has a "RED" word in its name, and also a red-coloured PCB.

What’s the difference?

We kept all features of the board except the advanced power features.

From the powering point of view, you can consider StereoPi V2 RED as a regular Raspberry Pi 4. If you connect a USB-C power source - it’s powering on automatically.

Features removed:

If you are a robot or drone developer, you still can use the JST pads to provide power, but you have to keep in mind some issues you can face if you have a few independent power sources connected at once.

StereoPi v2 Red edition will have both the Standard and Slim versions.

When will it be available?

The RED batch has been already produced. We hope to publish the products soon and make them available for purchasing.

StereoPi project future

Back in 2019, right after our initial Crowd Supply campaign, the Raspberry Pi team featured SterePi on their website introduced us to is one of the largest Raspberry Pi authorized resellers and a very creative and ambitious Pi-focused bunch of people that has been helping the StereoPi project since. This partnership has been a great boost for the StereoPi project in many different areas (manufacturing, logistics, distribution, marketing, support). Our teams have been coming closer and closer together and now we have decided to formally join our teams and efforts for the benefits and for the future of the StereoPi platform!

This team merger will make StereoPi available in even more countries, and will make our Team more capable and prepared in dealing with the current manufacturing and logistics challenges. Even more importantly, this will enable us to continue developing StereoPi and releasing new features and new products and versions!

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