StereoPi v2

The open-source stereoscopic camera based on Raspberry Pi with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an advanced powering system

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Oct 18, 2021

Project update 13 of 14

User Guides and Shipment Status

by Eugene Pomazov

Shipping status

Most orders have already shipped to backers. We have a delay with the PoE HAT production, and some of your orders include this item. We have asked the Crowd Supply team to ship those orders without the PoE HAT, and do separate shipment of the PoE item as soon as they are delivered to Mouser warehouse. Yup, this means some additional shipment expenses, but we’ll cover them by ourselves! We hope to finish the batch of PoE HATs in November.


You might already noticed that we published guides on our Wiki. If you missed this - here are the list of guides we have now:

StereoPi V2 board

StereoPi v2 Quick Start Guide

StereoPi v2 Camera Kit

StereoPi v2 Camera Kit Quick Start Guide

SLP2 main menu

SLP2 RaspiOS guide

HQ camera housing

StereoPi HQ Housing Assembly Guide

If you see we missed some details in our guides or have some questions, don’t hesitate to ask us on our forum.

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