A secure PolarFire SoC (FPGA + RISC-V) Linux-capable SBC and SoM

Dec 22, 2021

Project update 2 of 2

Shipping Announcement

by Ali S

Dear Backers,

Similar to many of you, SundanceDSP were impacted by supply chain issues. We’re really sorry about the delay, but we’ve been able to overcome those issues, and we’re happy to report that the first batch of PolarBerry boards is ready to be shipped to Crowd Supply’s fulfillment partner, Mouser Electronics.

As we finished developing, testing, and building the units, we learnt much about this device and its capabilities, and hence we can provide useful support when needed.

Please make sure to double check your shipping address in your Crowd Supply Account. If you have shipping questions, contact Crowd Supply Support.

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