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TinyBeast FPGA

A PolarFire FPGA in small form factors, including Mini PCIe

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TinyBeast FPGA is a compact new processing solution that can speed up your industrial or embedded computer. Leverage the power of PolarFire FPGA technology to offload demanding tasks from your central processor for a smoother and significantly faster system experience. This translates to ideal real-time performance in industrial applications that require efficient data handling. Furthermore, its compact package opens doors for innovative solutions in space-constrained environments.

Accelerating Serious Work

TinyBeast FPGA can be used for many common industrial tasks, speeding up and improving efficiency in three key areas:

Choose Between Two TinyBeasts

TinyBeast FPGA P is optimized for effortless integration into embedded systems through its Mini PCIe interface. It boasts a vast array of I/O connections to streamline data acquisition and control by allowing direct connection to various industrial sensors and peripherals.

TinyBeast FPGA S is optimized for flexibility and requires a separate carrier board for development and prototyping. We will offer a compatible carrier board through the campaign. This variant lacks a Mini PCIe interface but facilitates experimentation and standalone operation, making it ideal for edge-computing applications and new deployments without existing embedded infrastructure.

Tackle AI Tasks with VectorBlox

Both TinyBeast FPGA P and S, when populated with the MPF-300 PolarFire FPGA, unlock the potential of Microchip’s VectorBlox technology. VectorBlox is a hardware acceleration engine specifically designed for efficient AI inferencing. This translates to real-time processing of complex algorithms directly on the TinyBeast FPGA, enabling applications like predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and image recognition directly at the industrial edge.

TinyBeast FPGA S with PCI carrier board

By combining the compact size of TinyBeast FPGA with the processing power of PolarFire FPGA and the AI capabilities of VectorBlox, these tiny boards offer a compelling solution for a wide range of industrial applications – all within a footprint that minimizes space constraints.

Features & Specifications

TinyBeast FPGA A:

Tinybeast FPGA S:

Open Source

We understand the importance of fostering an open development environment for TinyBeast FPGA. To empower our users and accelerate innovation, we’ll be offering comprehensive resources alongside the TinyBeast FPGA boards.

Open Schematics: We’ll provide complete schematics for both TinyBeast FPGA P and S. This allows experienced developers to understand the hardware architecture and customize the boards for specific applications.

Sample Firmware: We’ll offer pre-built firmware examples that showcase the basic functionalities of the TinyBeast FPGA boards. These examples serve as a starting point for users to build upon and develop their custom firmware tailored to their specific needs.

PC Software Sample: A PC sample application that interacts with the core in TinyBeast FPGA will be available. This allows users to develop applications that control, configure, and extract data from TinyBeast FPGA, further expanding its functionality.

We aim to sustain a vibrant developer community around TinyBeast FPGA by providing these resources, which we will release this summer.

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