An FPGA board that fits inside your USB port

Aug 29, 2019

Project update 16 of 20

Fomu Goes to Camp

The presentation was given on the first day, and went over how the Fomu project came to be. It starts with the Tomu project, which in an ARM microcontroller in your USB port. Then it goes on to talk about the many projects Tim has, and culminates with all the cool things we’re looking forward to people playing with on Fomu. There is a recording of the talk (also available on YouTube, and the slides are also available.

In addition to the presentation, we also gave several self-directed workshops where we provided people with hacker boards and had them try out Fomu. The workshop is available at, and serves as a good introduction to the various aspects of Fomu. If you’ve received your Fomu, give the workshop a try!

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