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May 16, 2014

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Fourth Stretch Goal Complete!

Dear Backers,


Software. Defined. Radio. Say it because it’s fun!

A couple weeks ago, the SDR stretch goal loomed like a distant mirage, something we set out there as a "true stretch". And yet now, here we are, writing you to inform you that we’ve met one of our trigger criteria for the stretch goal — a minimum of 200 combined units desktop/laptop/heirloom ("system-level") units backed.

We can’t tell you how absolutely stoked we are to reach this milestone. Not only does it mean that our system-level backers get to play with even more cool hardware, we get to collaborate with another open hardware project, MyriadRF. This is a tangible example of how the sum can be greater than the parts when the open source and Free Software community come together and rally around a common goal.

The addition of a software defined radio to Novena opens up so many possibilities, it’s hard to list them. We are sincerely looking forward to seeing some jaw-dropping demos from the community. And for those who backed the board only, fear not — you can upgrade your pledge to to the desktop or higher version by emailing with your order information, and you will also get an SDR. And remember, the SDR reward is only good for pledges made or upgraded during the campaign, which ends in just a little over 2 days! After this, you will need to purchase the SDR from MyriadRF directly, and currently they list a similar module for $300.

We’re looking forward to tooling, manufacturing, and shipping these beauties to you over the next few months, and working hard to help grow the open source community.

Thank you.

bunnie & xobs

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