STEAM Stories: When Thea LED the Way

Craft with circuits. Electrify a world.

Oct 13, 2017

Project update 3 of 6

A Visit to the Factory!

Last week, the factories were on vacation for National Day. They ramped up again this week, and bunnie visited the factory on Tuesday.

They are currently making the box and book cover.

This stack of paper may not look like much, but they will eventually transform into the book cover and the electronic kit box. The smaller cutouts will become the book cover; the larger cutouts will become the electronic kit box. The book title will be stamped using gold foil onto these paper sheets. Then, the cutouts will be wrapped around cardboard to form the book cover (front and back) and the electronic kit box (top and bottom). Voila, the packaging box and book cover is done!

The book pages will start printing soon. bunnie inspected a sample sheet in person to discuss black-and-white color levels. He’s always found it useful to discuss things in person.

Looks like we’re on schedule!

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