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Oct 20, 2017

Project update 4 of 6

Expanded Christmas Availability!

We initially planned for a delivery of 200 kits in time for Christmas. However, this campaign demonstrated that the enthusiasm for "When Thea LED the Way" was much higher than we planned. So, we negotiated with the factory to increase the size of our initial order.

The good news is we were able to increase the size of the order to 450 kits, without affecting the original delivery schedule. So, even though we’ve currently got over 200 pledges, all current backers of the campaign should be able to get their electronic craftbooks before Christmas. Of course, the kits could get stuck in customs or encounter other unforeseen problems as they are shipped across the globe — but so far production is on schedule.

If you have a friend who missed the initial 200-unit cutoff for Christmas deliveries, please share with them the good news! Of course, if you’ve already ordered and your place in line is after the first 200 kits, your order has been automatically upgraded to be shipped in the first batch of 450 kits in November. You can check the status of your order by logging in to your Crowd Supply account.

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