STEAM Stories: When Thea LED the Way

Craft with circuits. Electrify a world.

Nov 20, 2017

Project update 6 of 6



"When Thea LED the Way" has cleared customs and landed in New Jersey. They’re currently en route to Crowd Supply in Oregon, and from there, to your mailboxes. Barring any major disasters, you will be definitely getting your STEAM story before Christmas.

If you have moved or would like to change your shipping address for any reason, you can update it online through your account on Crowd Supply.

We’ve shown you prototype pictures; here’s what what will actually be delivered to your hands. This is my production kit: you will get yours soon, I promise!

I’m thrilled that an idea seeded two years ago is now tangible and something that we can hold in our hands. Thank you, you amazing backers, for making this a reality. I sincerely hope you enjoy the STEAM story experience.

One last favor — can you tweet at @chibitronics and @bunniestudios when you receive your package? This way we know it’s been delivered, giving us the cue to send open-licensed copies of the PDF to our $5-tier supporters, so everyone can enjoy the story at the same time.

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