STEAM Stories: When Thea LED the Way

Craft with circuits. Electrify a world.

Nov 03, 2017

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Delivery Update

It’s a busy Christmas season! Like Santa’s factory, our suppliers are busy making toys for all the good boys and girls. There are lots of toys to make, and "When Thea Led the Way" is one of many.

We’re waiting our turn. The book was printed in a day; but we still have to punch holes in the book, and then assemble the book and circuit components in the box. We are punching holes in the book because one circuit’s lights needs to be seen on later pages.

The hole-punching will take a few extra days because we had initially requested a custom 8 mm hole-punch. That would take too much time, so we are going ahead with the standard 6 mm hole-punch, but adding a few days to manually align the pages before hole-punching. The manual alignment improves the page-to-page image alignment, allowing us to use the smaller diameter hole punch.

With this slight delay, the kits will be air-shipped from China on November 10. They could spend up to a couple of weeks in U.S. customs before they get to Crowd Supply’s distribution center. Crowd Supply will then ship your orders to your personal mailbox. So, we’re looking at an expected arrival in your mailboxes by early December.

So, the craftbooks are still on schedule for Christmas delivery. If you’re thinking this would make a great gift for a latent engineer, now’s a great time to order before prices go up when the campaign ends on November 12.

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