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Jan 09, 2018


The first Tomu design was created over the course of a few weekends by Tim Ansell. It has since taken on a life of its own, and has undergone several updates and modifications. The design itself is simple – two buttons, two LEDs, living inside of a USB port. But like so many simple things, the implementation requires a lot of work to make it a reality. The community is what makes a product, and without the community’s efforts to develop software for existing Tomu boards we wouldn’t be running this campaign today.

Please help us at Kosagi and Tomu bring these boards to the world. Help us put a computer in every USB port.

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Thanks for helping make Tomu a reality! You will be rewarded with good karma and regular backer updates.


Tomu for One

A computer in your USB port! One Tomu board with two buttons, two LEDs, and a 25 MHz CPU, all fully assembled and tested.


Tomu for Two

Two assembled and tested Tomu units! Put one in your laptop and one in your desktop, or give one to a friend.


Tomu Five-pack

Five assembled and tested Tomus! Make sure every computer in your house has a Tomu, with perhaps a few to give away.


Tomu Ten-pack

Ten assembled and tested Tomus! Share the joy of tiny USB computers.


Tomu 50-pack

Fifty Tomu units! Yes, fifty Tomus! Run a workshop at your hackerspace, or maybe you just have a lot of friends.


Tomu 100-pack

One-hundred Tomus! You are a true believer.


Tomu 1000-pack

One-thousand Tomu boards. You are up to something. We don't know what, but we like it.

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Sutajio Ko-usagi supports and produces open hardware products designed by bunnie and xobs.

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