Classic NES games on open source hardware that fits in the palm of your hand

Dec 16, 2021

Project update 1 of 11

Crowdfunding Begins!

by Daniel G

Introducing the Tiny Nostalgia Evocation Square (or TinyNES for short). TinyNES is an open hardware implementation of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Famicom. Not merely an emulator or an FPGA-based implementation, TinyNES uses the original, 6502-derived chips and a custom circuit board. It’s the real deal, and it’s open hardware! TinyNES is compatible with original Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom cartridges and controllers, so you can play all your favorites games right out of the box!

We are thrilled to be launching this campaign on Crowd Supply. Order today to support open hardware and the preservation of computing history in the most fun way imaginable…by playing video games!

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