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Shipping Resumed

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PocketSpriters, PocketSpritees,

Once again, we’ve been working hard to get your devices out the door, despite the slight PCBA issue that we encountered.

As of June 4, all issues are resolved: PocketSprites are shipping again!

  • 560 devices were shipped to backers today - you’ll receive your tracking codes by email.

  • We’re assembling 1000 devices per week, so everyone will have their devices in their hands within the coming weeks.

  • If you have the "Blinking Red Light of Death" problem, your replacement devices were also shipped today.

Even better news, if you’re adventurous with a soldering iron, you can even resurrect your dead device! Check out the link below: https://pocketsprite.com/blogs/news/resurrecting-a-red-light-of-death-pocketsprite

As always, thanks for your backing. More and more people are getting devices in their hands, and we’re very excited to have your feedback.

As always, official news can be found here: https://pocketsprite.com/blogs/news

Thanks again
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Jeroen Domburg

Project Mastermind (Hardware, Firmware, Software)

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Manufacturing & Logistics

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Visuals & Sales

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