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May 16, 2018

Project update 7 of 8

PocketSpriters, PocketSpritees

Since the last update, hundreds of Early Bird Backers have been busy with their PocketSprites — playing games, hacking code, and even making some amazing case mods.

We’ve also been busy as well. Aside from building and testing literally thousands of devices, we’ve got incredibly good news for everyone who is so eagerly waiting.

New Software Update, Including an NES Emulator

Taking all the feedback from the Early Bird backers, Sprite_tm has released a massive update with over 15 new features added, including NoFrendo, an NES emulator.

For all the information about the updates and features, please visit https://pocketsprite.com/blogs/news/.

Gorilla Glass, for Everyone

Over the last month, we have been beta testing Gorilla Glass for the PocketSprite. Originally planned just for the Deluxe Edition, we managed to lock down a great price, so decided to upgrade everyone’s screens to Gorilla Glass - for free.

Shipping Updates

Shipping has begun for the first non-early bird devices. We have dispatched approximately 10% of the initial devices, with more deliveries rolling off the line in the coming weeks.

We temporarily suspended assembly of the PocketSprites to resolve a power issue. Some users, about 2% of the early-bird backers, had had a "Red Blink of Death" issue, where their devices wouldn’t boot properly.

We’ve identified the issue (a problem component), taken steps to resolve it, and updated our testing to ensure that it can’t happen again.

As of today, we have ~4000 PCBs finished, ready for assembly. We are running the updated tests over the boards, applying the fix if necessary, and then assembly and shipping will continue.

You will automatically receive notification of shipping and tracking - we will keep you posted every step of the way.

You can follow our shipping updates here: https://pocketsprite.com/blogs/news/crowdfunding-shipping-updates

Deluxe Edition

Although we’ve kept very quiet about the Deluxe Edition, we’ve been working very hard on it. We’ve iterated several finishes and material types, and have nailed the final finish. We’ll have final samples this week, which we’ll reveal in the news section of our official site, https://pocketsprite.com/.

Official Site & Customer Support

As the crowdfunding campaign has finished on Crowd Supply, we’ve officially launched the PocketSprite site: https://pocketsprite.com

You’ll find the latest news and newest firmware, and also can purchase additional units for friends and family. For a short time, we’re honouring the same price — so if you were on the fence about grabbing another device, or missed out — now’s the time to get in.

Likewise, we’ve put in place our official Customer Support. For any questions about your orders, please feel free to email us directly: support@pocketsprite.com — and our team will handle your issue promptly and professionally.

As always — if you have any questions — please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Thanks again for your patience — we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, and we’re so excited to get these products into your hands.

Team Pocket

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