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Apr 15, 2018

Project update 6 of 8

Shipping Update

Fellow PocketSpriters and PocketSpritees, devices are shipping!

There’s been gargantuan efforts behind the radio-silence to get your devices built, tested, packed, and dispatched.

Despite getting pummeled by China’s holiday season, cases were molded, PCBs were pressed and populated, devices were programmed and packaged.

We’d set a highly ambitious dispatch date, and we’re proud to have hit it, and thankful to our partners that made it happen.

Here is the breakdown:

For everyone else, we are on target to meet our delivery date, May 15.

Your tracking codes will update as they are integrated into the Crowd Supply system.

Further good news:

As always, if you’ve got questions or concerns, we’re here to look after you - drop us a line.


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