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Jun 12, 2024

Project update 7 of 9

Last Hours to Back & Mini-KVMs at Tech Frontlines

by TechxArtisan

Hey everyone,

We wanted to share some exciting updates from our beta team on our Discord channel! Our Openterface Mini-KVM is performing brilliantly at the tech frontline, and we’ve got some fantastic images to show you. Check them out and see what all the buzz is about!

Last Chance Alert!

Time’s running out! Don’t miss your chance to back us on Crowd Supply and grab the Openterface Mini-KVM at the super wallet-friendly price of $79 - $99. The campaign ends on June 13, 2024, at 4:59 PM PDT, and prices are set to increase post-campaign as the product matures. So, act now and snag this deal!

Upcoming Teardown 2024 & A Fun Bet

As many of you have seen on the Crowd Supply main page, the upcoming Teardown 2024 event is generating a lot of excitement. I’m eager to attend in person and meet our amazing backers there!

Here’s a fun bet we have going on in our team:

Currently, we have around 950 backers for our project. Kevin Peng, our technical director, and I have a wager. If we manage to get 100 more backers in the final hours, my travel expenses for the trip to Portland will be covered by our studio. If not, I’ll have to foot the bill myself, which means a couple of thousand bucks out of my own pocket!

So, I’m calling on all our subscribers and new friends of the Openterface Mini-KVM to help us push through these final hours. Let’s hit 1050+ backers and make this trip happen!

Most importantly, please help spread the word about our campaign coming to an end. We’re committed to building this handy device and ensuring it’s delivered to you in top-notch quality.

We’ve poured our hearts into this project over the past 8 months. You can see all our efforts in the updates below, and check out our history posts on our subreddit r/Openterface_miniKVM:

So, back us up in these last couple of hours! Cheers!

Billy Wang
Project Manager
Openterface Team

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