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Jul 21, 2022

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First TD-XPAH Panels & Add-Ons Have Arrived!

by Jim E

We just received the first panels and add-on boards from our contract manufacturers.

The panels look fantastic!

TD-XPAH Panels have Arrived

We are calibrating our production machines, and we will post an update of the panels during assembly of the components we are adding to the TD-XPAH here in the USA.

TD-XPAH Sensor hAT

Pictures, Renderings, Drawings, Support Chats and Still…

Here is a somewhat comical result of miscommunication at one of our CM’s. Apparently one group there produced the first fifty TD-XPAH-ETH-HAT boards and another group produced the other fifty boards.

Half of the boards were soldered correctly. Half of them were soldered upside down!

But they are fixing the problem and will ship out an additional fifty boards with proper part orientation ASAP.

Soldering Error

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