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Sur-Ron, Segway, and Honda Cub Electric Bike Upgrades

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Installation Manual and Modded Bike in Action

by Tom R

We just released a step-by-step installation manual to guide customers through the process of installing a Nitro ASI 4000 controller on their Segway or Sur-Ron bikes. We had a lot of fun putting this together. We were able to re-purpose an old stock controller to use as a bracket — it was tough to get the old controller out, but nothing a hammer and chisel couldn’t fix! Then we used a grinder to make a footprint for our Nitro ASI 4000 to sit in. Check out the manual and let us know what you think!

Modded Bike in Action

We’ve also been testing out different settings on the controller. By changing the controller alone, you can double the horsepower output from your stock Segway / Sur-Ron without requiring a battery BMS bypass or removal of the 100 amp breaker. That said, we were curious to see what the top end could do, so we took an ASI BAC8000, bypassed the BMS, removed the breaker, and started manipulating the BAC8000 to get more power. The modded bike in the video below has Fox shocks front and back, Shimano Saint brakes with vented metallic pads (so we can actually stop), Diety handlebars, a De-fender front fender, an electric half-grip throttle, and Shinko Enduro tires. The weight from the tires makes the modded bike much heavier, and a little taller. The riders are virtually the same weight.

As you can see from the video, it’s night and day between the two bikes. Our mod adds about 1/3 torque and top speed. The biggest thing we learned was how to smooth out the throttle through the acceleration — it’s all usable power! A video showing us unleashing the power from the ASI BAC8000 on a 72 V battery is coming soon!

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