Sur-Ron and Honda Super Cub electric bike upgrades

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Did you buy an e-bike in the past decade or two, and felt disappointed and maybe even let down because it's, well, basically a Very Overpriced Bicycle with a Really Small Battery?

Have you felt that it's time that they grew up, but were put off from motorcycles and scooters (particularly two-strokes) because they are some of the worst polluting vehicles in the world?

What if there was a way to convert one of the world\'s most successful highest polluting scooters, the Honda Cub, to electric, with a kit? With over 200 million manufactured world-wide, spare parts would be easy to get, and for every Cub converted there would be not only one less scooter being crushed or landfilled, pollution would be reduced too.

However, most people outside of Japan who know of the iconic Honda Cub remember it as boring and slow. There is a new e-bike around, now - the Sur-Ron - which, with some not-so-subtle upgrades, has been beating 450 cc race-tuned bikes in 1/8 mile drag races, winning off-road trail competitions, and recently was officially timed on the Bonneville Salt flats at 100 mph (the Sur-Ron weighs 50 kg and has a nominal 5 kW Axial flux motor).

Therefore, we want to give you the opportunity to have fun, yet be environmentally responsible at the same time. The ASI 4000 Controller we supply can be programmed to increase regen enough to get up to 30% better range from a stock Sur-Ron battery. It just happens to have a bit more "oomph" to go with that (and it will fit on the Honda EV Cub, too).

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