Oct 14, 2022

Teardown Session 31: Open Hardware Month with OSHWA

About our guests

Lee Cyborg is an artist, cyborg, and educator currently based in Montreal. Lee is Summit Chair and board member at the Open Source hardware Association, co-executive director at Little Dada, and secretary and board member at Pleasure Dome. You may know Lee from co-organizing events like Make Change Conference , Make Friends Meetup, Long Exposure Festival, Stupid Shit Hackathon Toronto, Defcon Biohacking Village, or from being director at Site 3 coLaboratory. You can see many of their awesome projects on their website http://leecyb.org/

Claire Cassidy is an open source hardware wizard with expertise in the fields of LED wrangling and laser-cutting. Claire manages the Discord community for OSHWA, and she is also a Project Manager at Crowd Supply. You can see some of Claire’s amazing projects on her website: https://www.clairedaniellecassidy.com/.

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