Mar 15, 2024

Teardown Session 42: Spacewalker LNA

Sponsored by Qorvo RF Accelerator

Cultivating the next generation of wireless solutions.

In this session, Crowd Supply’s Helen Leigh talks with Zoltan Doczi, a Senior RF Engineer at Decent Labs. Decent Labs are of the creators of Spacewalker LNA 434 MHz, a device that was developed to combat real-world satellite reception difficulties. In urban environments, it’s often difficult to receive PocketSat and CubeSat signals amidst strong DVB-T, TETRA, FM, and LTE signals from densely packed transmitter towers.

It was inspired by attempts to pick up signals from the MRC-100 pocket satellite. After many experiments and measurements, a novel low-noise amplifier circuit was devised to help city dwellers cut through the RF chatter.

About Our Guest

Decent Labs are a group interested in researching and applying technologies and governance structures that will make the world more resilient, safe, and inclusive.

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