Mar 29, 2024

Teardown Session 43: Zeke Wheeler

Sponsored by Qorvo RF Accelerator

Cultivating the next generation of wireless solutions.

In this Teardown Session, Crowd Supply’s Helen Leigh talks with Zeke Wheeler (KJ7NLL) about satellite tracking and ham radio.

About our Guest

Zeke has been making waves on the engineering circuit. He has been involved in a four-year ham radio project to contact the International Space Station using homemade antennas and circuit boards, and built a Lego Satellite Tracker that can track the OreSat 0 satellite, (or any satellite you plug into it.) Zeke has a popular YouTube channel (@KJ7NLL) and is now in the final stages of programming his original 3D printed desktop satellite tracker to present at the NWSE science fair at PSU in April. Zeke is 12 years old, and loves to share his projects.

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