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Jul 30, 2018

Project update 3 of 10

Last Chance for Campaign Pricing

TL;DR: Post-campaign pricing for LoStik will be $46. You have three days left to get it at the Crowd Supply campaign pricing!

It’s hard to belive the LoStik campagin is coming to a close already. We’ve shippped a dozen pre-production units to testers to play with and are confident in the current design and manufacturability. To prepare for delivering units to backers on time, we’ve begun shipping parts to PCBWay who will be providing PCB assembly services for the first production batch of 360 units.

To ensure we can sustain production of LoStik in the future and be able to offer it to resellers — we are increasing the retail price of LoStik from \$39 to \$46. If you’ve already purchased LoStik you have nothing to worry about, but it will only be available at this price through the campaign’s end on Thursday.

Pre-production LoStik units

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