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Aug 28, 2018

Project update 4 of 10

Production Update

First off, I’m excited to announce that LoStik has been featured in the latest edition of MicroSolutions magazine (page 30). Microchip has been a great technology partner for us and we’re honored to be featured.

Secondly, our first production units are on their way back to the US and should arrive at Third Ventures offices this week. We will be preparing them for shipment shortly. These first units all contain an RN2903 and are for US customers.

Due to some issues with customs, we had a shipment sent back to us. We have to re-ship components back to China this week and it is going to create some delays on our end.

Current shipment timeline:

Apologies to anyone impacted by the delays. We are still not sure what caused the shipment to be returned. Chinese customs requested original purchase receipts for all of the parts in the shipment, but still wouldn’t release our package after we provided the receipts. The only option we had was for the package to be sent back, repacked and FedEx-ed back to China.

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