Obsidian ESP32

by Thomas McKahan

An ESP32 in a Raspberry Pi Form Factor


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    Manasquan, NJ

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    Edmonton, Canada

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    Oberlin, OH

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    Hilo, HI

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    Winter Park, FL

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    Kortenberg, Belgium

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    Mississauga, Canada

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    Evergreen, CO

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    Saint Cyrille de Lessard, Canada



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    Eugene, OR

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    Baar, Switzerland

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    Centreville, VA

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    Sheboygan, WI

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    Richmond, RI

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    Pune, India

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    GrĂ¼ndau, Germany

  • Matthew T

    Eaglemont, Australia

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Product Choices


Obsidian ESP32

One Obsidian ESP32 board


Obsidian ESP32 with Case

One Obsidian ESP32 board plus a custom 3D printed carbon fiber reinforced nylon case


Thomas McKahan

Thomas is a long-time software and hardware tinkerer, beginning with Apple BASIC and 555 timers and working up to embedded Linux and system design. Having started out during a time where hardware was more difficult to obtain, the current open-source community is a breath of fresh air.

Thomas McKahan



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