Obsidian ESP32

An ESP32 in a Raspberry Pi Form Factor

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Aug 14, 2019

Project update 8 of 13


The funding portion of the campaign is finished, now I finish the work and provide the boards!

Where we stand today:

I have received a small group of PCB’s to make one last review of the design/silkscreen/etc before the final order, and a good thing - I had swapped a 3.3 V and ground pin on one of the extra headers, but the silkscreen label was not changed, potentially leading to some confusion. I assembled a board, and it looks good, works well, and am ready to order.

It’s even the proper color! This was entirely my work populating the board, and the PCB’s were HASL instead of ENIG, so none of the joints look quite as nice they will in production.

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