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Dec 10, 2020

Project update 6 of 10

Packaging & FM Radio Module Library

by Lali Jayatilleke

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have met our funding goal!! Your support made this project a reality, so THANK YOU for helping us along. Now the hard part begins as we work to get all orders out to our backers on time. We’ve already begun making arrangements with our CM in China to start things rolling.

Thank you as well to all the folks at Crowd Supply who have helped us with the campaign. They have been fantastic.

A few updates…

1. Packaging - We have completed draft artwork for our final product packaging. Our goal is for the products to have vibrant colors and easy-to-read text. Each kit will be in a plastic ball with an exterior shrink sleeve that displays a graphic and product details. Below is a mockup of the artwork. We have identified as our shrink sleeve provider and have already received quotes. Now we just need to finalize the copy on the labels, which we’ll be doing shortly.

2. RDA5807M FM module CircuitPython Library - The CircuitPython library for the RDA5807M module is complete, and a pull request will be submitted for inclusion in the Adafruit CircuitPython community library bundle.

3. Adafruit Show and Tell appearance - We made an appearance on Adafruit’s weekly Show and Tell to update the community about our campaign hitting its funding goal. We also showed off some new prototypes that we have in the works! Adafruit was kind enough to promote our crowdfunding campaign on their weekly Ask an Engineer show when we first started, so please give them your support!

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