ScoutMakes Bluetooth Fun

Open source, CircuitPython-compatible, Bluetooth-enabled STEM electronics kits

Mar 04, 2021

Project update 10 of 10

Shipping Soon!

by Lali Jayatilleke

Hello all,

We sent our final bulk shipment to Mouser, who will soon begin shipping out your orders! It has been a tremendous experience birthing this idea and, with your help, presenting it to the world. THANK YOU!

I really hope you enjoy the product. Please provide feedback on what can be improved!

A Few Notes…

  1. Once you receive your product, please go here for assembly instructions. We will continually update the learn guides to address any bugs that are found in our documentation.
  2. Please keep in mind that the source files for our products are on GitHub in case you need them.
  3. In order to assemble the kits, you will need a soldering iron. I recommend this soldering kit from Amazon. It has many useful tools for electronics, including a screwdriver.
  4. Please use the #scoutmakes hashtag to share pictures of your projects on Instagram, Hackaday, Facebook, etc.
  5. Our own Instagram account is scoutmakesomething

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