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A portable hardware kit for experimenting with pneumatics

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90% Funded, More Projects, Teardown

Thanks to all your support the project is 90% funded! But we only have five more days left! So, now’s the time to act to get your own Programmable-Air kit!

I’ve been keeping busy helping beta testers with some projects. Here are some of them:

Origami Gripper

I had been meaning to do this project forever. I recently met Aditya, an origami expert and 48 hours we made it! Here’s a nice video of it action.


I had tried making an airbrush with Programable-Air before - a few times actually - and all but gave up on it. It took the genius of @SidChou to make it work. And, he wrote a very detailed Instructable on it!

Teardown conference

I’m demoing Programmable-Air at Teardown 2019, Portland this weekend and will be giving a talk on it as well! Come say hi, and check out the demos!

$60,049 raised

of $16,000 goal

375% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


Programmable-Air Starter Kit

Your very own Programmable-Air board with extra silicone tubing and pneumatic connectors. Just add an Arduino Nano, power supply, and USB cord to get started.


Programmable-Air Deluxe Kit

Make your soft robot! Comes with a Programmable-Air board with an Arduino-compatible Nano, power supply, micro USB cord, extra silicone tubing and pneumatic connectors, materials to make handheld vacuum pickup and to make jamming grippers. All packed in a beautiful foam case.



Physicist, turned maker, artist, and engineer. Amitabh enjoys solving inter-disciplinary problems in electronics, mechanics and human-computer interaction. Currently pursuing master's at ITP, NYU where he seeks to learn everything it takes to turn a napkin sketch into a product.

Amitabh Shrivastava

Worthington Assembly

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