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Jul 05, 2019

Project update 5 of 10

Fully Funded!

Woohoo, we did it! Programmable-Air is fully funded.

I’m getting to work right away trying to reduce the manufacturing cost of Programmable-Air. I want to ship the boards with original Arduino Nano boards instead of compatible clones. The current plan is to assemble the surface mount components on one side through the manufacturing partner Worthington Assembly, and do the through hole parts in-house (literally in my apartment)! This should reduce the manufacturing cost just enough for the original boards.

If I manage to find a way to reduce costs further, I hope to add additional soft actuators to the kit so you can make more interesting projects. I’m thinking the Origami Gripper would be a great addition. Let me know if you have any other projects in mind you’d want to have, and if enough people want it, I’ll try to add it to the kit.

Thank you all for your support :D And if you’re still waiting on buying a kit, now’s the time to act! More orders means cheaper assembly and more swag!

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