Tinusaur OLED Display Kit

by Tinusaur

An educational kit for using the ATtiny85 microcontroller to measure and display sensor data

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An Update on Shipping

Dear supporters and friends, please accept our apologies for the significant delay that has occurred.

Last Friday, we deposited the first batch of packages at the post office!

We’re not trying to excuse the delay, but we can give you an explanation regarding what happened.

To begin with, many of the parts arrived late, some of them not at all, and some were even the wrong type. We had to reorder many parts - some purchased from a local supplier, and some others (that we couldn’t find locally) we had to wait another month.

But what killed us was that during the last check of the packages we noticed that one display had a crack on the glass and after testing it appeared it did not work. We decided to pull all OLED displays from the packages and check them. That was terrible news for us - nearly 10% of all tested displays were not working. What was shocking was that some of them arrived from the Far East in small plastic cases and even some of those were broken. Apparently, whoever was packing the goods there was just throwing them from one bit to another.

Damaged OLED display

Making hardware is not an easy task; we’ve learned a lesson and will make sure this doesn’t happen in the future.

Backers will receive a shipment notification shortly.

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Tinusaur OLED Display Kit

This kit has everything you need to assemble and program a small, battery-powered, standalone sensor node to sense ambient temperature and relative humidity and display those data on its OLED screen. The kit includes a Tinusaur Board 3 LITE kit, LEDx2 shield kit, OLED kit, DHT11 sensor module, LiPo battery kit, and USBasp programmer.


TWO Tinusaur OLED Display Kits

One for you and one for a friend. Or both for you.


FIVE Tinusaur OLED Display Kits

Start a hackathon, teach a class, or practice a lot on your own!



An educational platform and set of tools that focus on programming, robotics, and electronics. We apply modern learning methods in an effort to present science and technology in an interesting and entertaining way. Tinusaur is a mixture of software and hardware: first, you assemble your hardware yourself by soldering your board; then you learn how to program it using puzzle-like blocks; finally, you learn how to write C code.

Neven Boyanov

OSH Park

Prototype & Production PCB Manufacturer


Production PCB Manufacturer

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