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A tiny, low-cost, open FPGA dev board that packs a punch.

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TinyFPGA BX is Now Live

The original TinyFPGA B2 was developed by Luke Valenty in the summer of 2017. The idea was to create a tiny, breadboard-able, open hardware, and low-cost FPGA board for makers. The B2 introduced a novel open-source USB bootloader built into the FPGA fabric itself. The original production run of 250 boards has sold out and the new and improved BX revision is ready to launch!

The new BX retains the features of the B2 and improves upon them in every way. I am excited to get this into maker’s workbenches all around the world. Support the TinyFPGA BX campaign and spread the word!

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Product Choices



The TinyFPGA A1 board is a bare-bones breakout board for the Lattice MachXO2-256 FPGA.



The TinyFPGA A2 board is a bare-bones FPGA board in a tiny form-factor. Add more custom digital logic to your next project!


TinyFPGA Programmer

The TinyFPGA Programmer is a very simple USB-JTAG bridge designed to program bitstreams onto TinyFPGA A1 and A2 boards.



Your very own TinyFPGA BX! Learn how to design digital logic, build the tiny microcontroller of your dreams, or just sleep snugly at night knowing you have a digital jack of all trades in your toolkit.


TinyFPGA BX Twins

Two identical TinyFPGA BX boards with a tiny discount! Build something cool with two FPGAs talking to other and learn the tricky nuances of inter-IC communication. Or use one now and save the other for later, its up to you!


TinyFPGA BX Five-pack

A five-pack of TinyFPGA BX boards for all the awesome projects you're going to build. You might not know what you will build yet but you'll be prepared when the fancy strikes.



TinyFPGA is a one-man endeavor to bring the incredible capabilities of FPGAs to makers around the world. Luke started TinyFPGA while looking for an FPGA that could be used in a breadboard. When no suitable candidate was found he took it upon himself to develop a tiny FPGA dev board.

Luke Valenty

OSH Park

Prototype PCB Manufacturer


PCBA Manufacturer

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