Vision FPGA SoM

An FPGA-based SoM with integrated vision, audio, and motion-sensing capability

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Project Backers

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Ken Nickerson
Toronto, Canada

Tiago F
Charneca Da Caparica, Portugal

Robert C
York, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Christian G
Alpine, CA

Scott T

Sai Y
Newark, CA

David S
Belmont, MA

Lake Mary, FL

Don G
Temple Terrace, FL

Marc S
Mainz, Germany

Dr. Chetan Singh T
Bangalore, India

Edmund H
Vienna, Austria

Steve B
San jose, CA

Andrew P
Berkeley, CA

Kenneth J
Thousand Oaks, CA

Laurent L
Cambridge, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Motohide O
Yokohama, Japan

S├ębastien r
Paris, France

Bernardo F
Lisbon, Portugal

Eric J
Grafton, WI

John W
San Jose, CA

Saeid S
San Diego, CA

Saeid S
San Diego, CA

Tim G
Chatsworth, CA

Saket S
Berlin, Germany

Daniel S
Grand Isle, VT

Yang Z
Los Angeles, CA

Yang Z
Pittsburgh, PA

Robinson P
Fontaine, France

Naritoshi Y
Chiyoda-ku, Japan

Jennifer A
Cornish, ME

Quinlan B
Jonestown, TX

Jordan G
Albuquerque, NM

Henry H
Anaheim, CA

Crowd Supply
Portland, OR

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